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[IP] Intrusive Questions About Diabetes Prohibited

Just thought you might be interested in this :o)

Now, hopefully, we can eat our cake without 'the typical comments'.

D'xd 2-11-02 Pumping (MM's 511 Paradigm) since June '02
Intrusive Questions About Diabetes Prohibited

The treatment of diabetes is the business of employees with the condition,
not employers, which are prohibited by the Americans With Disabilities Act
(ADA) from asking unnecessary, intrusive questions, the EEOC cautioned in
an Oct. 29 fact sheet.

A daycare center owner may not ask a teacher who is eating a piece of cake
at a child's birthday party about the instructor's diabetes, even if the
owner is concerned that the teacher might lapse into a coma, the agency
hypothesized. The owner's concern is misplaced and based on the myth that
people with diabetes
should never have sweets. Questions about diabetes are prohibited even if
there are
performance problems if those problems are unrelated to the person's
disability, the EEOC noted.

Inquiries are permitted if the condition causes performance problems. For
example, if a worker sweats and trembles while on the job, the supervisor
may ask what is wrong and require a medical exam. The EEOC's overview of
prohibited inquiries and other types of discrimination will be analyzed in
an upcoming <I>ADA
Guide</I> Monthly Bulletin.

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