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[IP] Another MM 512 Question....

I am just full of questions today and am on a roll...so here goes another 

Just curious if anyone else on the 512 has noticed this.  If you are already 
running a dual/square wave bolus and want to bolus more, you hit the EZ 
Bolus button, it shows your current dual/square wave progress and you hit 
ACT, then enter in your BG, and enter in the carbs.  Then it gives you the 
Estimate Details and you hit ACT.  Then it shows you the estimate bolus and 
hit enter again.  After this, the BG Reminder screen appears to set the time 
for this.  At this point, I have noticed that if I decided that I was 
incorrect with the carbs, BG, etc. that I had entered in on the previous 
screens and wanted to cancel and start over, instinctively I would hit the 
ESC button to go back (like this button normally functions for other parts 
of the system).  But, it would go directly to giving me the bolus instead of 

Am I wrong in thinking that the ESC button shouldn't give me a bolus at this 
point?  I have had to suspend the pump a couple of times to get the bolus to 
stop...which then messed up my dual/square wave that was going on at that 
point too.  I don't think this happens if there is not a dual/square wave 
already happening.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  I am just trying 
to figure out if this is a pump problem, or if I just need to change my way 
of thinking about this.


Dani Davidson (dx 1987 age 9...MM 511/512 pump for past year and a half)

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