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No Subject

I have had the MM 512 for over a month now, and have not figured out the 
answer to this...thought you all could help.

Once you set a BG Reminder to happen, say in 2 hours from the bolus...is 
there anyway to cancel the reminder before the 2 hours is up?  I was going 
into a staff meeting yesterday and remembered that I had this reminder set 
and it would beep in the middle of this meeting.  Normally, this is fine, I 
wear it on my hip on in my pocket and I can just acknowledge the beeps to 
stop them, but yesterday, I had it in my bra and it obviously wouldn't be 
the best scene for me to reach in and pull it out of my bra in front of my 
whole work group to turn off the beeping.  And, if I just ignored it...the 
beeps would've happened every five minutes (or whatever it is) for the hour 
and half meeting.  So, I thought if I could just cancel it before I went 
into this meeing I could've avoided this...I am normally a pretty 
self-sufficient girl, but couldn't figure this one out!

Thanks for the help!

Dani Davidson (dx 1987 at age 9...using MM 511/512 for past year and a half)

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