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[IP] In need of supplies

Dear fellow pumpers...I am coming to yall again with a plea for some help.

I am out of infusion sets and because of all the paperwork with Medicaid I 
have to get "re qualified" every 6 months and as it stands now I am not 
 qualifying and therefore I have no medicaid to cover my medical expenses. I
have got
 my prescriptions pretty much covered at a local drugstore, the owner is helping
me out. But as for supplies the only place I can get them is from Minimed or 
from you guys on here. MiniMed says they no longer can send samples out, even 
if it is just a matter of time waiting for Medicaid to approve them again.

So I am basically "begging"  IF anyone has any extra Quicksets I would really 
appreciate some. I have plenty of resovoirs, just need infusion sets. I have 
had to go back on injections for now and just hope I can get some sets.  I got 
a form from Minimed , an ABN form , so that I can buy supplies as needed when 
medicaid will not pay for them. Only problem is now I do not have the $ to 
buy the supplies. I am not working and can't seem to stay out of hospital very 
long(just had a 10 day stay). 

Any help from you guys would be GREAT !!!

Thanks in advance and blessings to you all !

Happy Pumping!

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