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[IP] Constipation

Hi All,
A few years ago I read an article on constipation. I believe it was in the 
 Diabetes Forecast magazine. It explained it in a way that made more sense to me
than anything else I'd ever read or heard.  Very loosely summarized, if the 
 body is dehydrated, say, from trying to wash extra sugar out of the bloodstream
(the body can't excrete sugar cubes, so it needs water to keep the sugar in a 
solution), it will take any "extra" water from the intestines first, causing 
constipation.  So, controlling blood sugars plays into avoiding constipation 
(not that that is the issue here - obviously, if you're on this list you're 
 highly motivated to keep your sugars down. But we are talking diabetes
FWIW it just helped me to understand what on earth blood sugars had to do 
with constipation.  As many have already said, drinking plenty of water should 

Brenda Martinez
Dx - 1957    Pumping since 1996
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