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Subject: RE: [IP] Daylight Savings off topic

You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling reason
why we observe daylight savings time.

In the varigated time state of Indiana. jhughey & Bluda Sue, spot
Well I know why. In days beforte NBS and WWVA, B, C Master rdio clocks
railroads used to use tie as a way of predicting movements of trains on
secondary tracks where there were no signals, they always used Eastern
Standard Time around here. at high noon exactly the dispatcher of trains used
to brodcast a telegraph click followed by Reading PA Noon and the date so that
you could keep your clock in sync with his Twice a year you had to fix the
station clock which was never right. but you were forced to fix it because
they looked st your block operator's log. As always by the following noon the
station clock had lost at least a half hour.  spot ( who once was a block
operator in East Mahanoy Junction Pa) (Not a popular Arrival or Departure
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