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Re: [IP] lows at night

--- Robin Ramm <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Does anyone else in this group NOT wake up when you
> go low at night?
> For the past 5 years since Kevin's diagnosis...we
> wake up at least 2x/night
> because Kevin does not wake if he goes low. We've
> caught many (with odd snacks
> and soccer, illnesses, etc) that were unexpected.
> His Endo says that usually
> by the time a child reaches 14 years of age, they
> can start detecting these
> and wake on their own. THIS is why we are so
> vigilant about checking him and
> are so tired! lol
> Robin
> Mom to Kevin, dx 12/98
> pumping (now Cozmo) 5/99
> Graves disease 10/03

Hi Robin, My husband and I take turns testing Stefanie
 (14) in the middle of the night. I usually test her
around 11pm then depending on that number, will test
again about 2-3am. Last night at 11 she was fine (bs
130) then I just sorta felt that I needed to test her
at 2am, well she was 30! Sound asleep, she slurped 2
box juices. That takes care of my sleep for the night!
My husband always wakes up about 4-5am to start his
day and tests her then. So yes, we still test her in
the middle of the night.
Sleepy Sally,
mom to Stef (dx 99, celiac 01, pumping 508 00)

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