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[IP] BG/Minimed Meter Help need Cotact

Hi Bonnie,
    You may get one of the meters, BUT if you do not have one of the pumps
that the meter can "talk" too it will do you no good.  It is the hold pkg
...the PUMP & METER that work together to do the things they do with help
from you as you need to input data too to get it to work right.
> Thanks to all of you who responded about the paradigm link BG monitor.
> I want the link.  It has helped me tremendously in avoiding lows and
> The way it works to figure out the "suggested" bolus is smarter than me,
> sometimes operates from emotion and overdoes it, i.e., a stubborn high.
    I am WAS/still trying working on setting up a chat with the people at
Minimed, But I'm have a problems with getting the right person to talk too.
As the person I had been working with is no longer at Minimed. If you have a
contact PLEASE send them my info or me theirs and I will contact them.
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