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Re: [IP] Re: Cardio thingy

Oh dangit... regular dressing at 9 cals a gram or the fat free ones at 
4? I have to admit though the real dressings I would totally 
overindulge in. I love Blue cheese!

I know one thing, I should go back to the exercise. I am out of shape!

I am trying to avoid the fatty stuff because I was led to believe it 
has more cals per gram than the fat free. I do count and bolus, but 
yeah it seems like I need more insulin generally. I don't want that 
roller coaster.

Jenny Sutherland

On Oct 28, 2003, at 8:37 PM, Shawna wrote:

> I read somewhere a long time ago that when you quit smoking, your 
> metabolism
> slows down 10%.  Maybe that's the cause for the increased BG levels.  
> And
> then again, it's hard to quit smoking, so maybe the stress of quitting 
> adds
> to the BG levels as well.  When I snack on veggies, I have to bolus for
> them.  Even though they're low in carbs, they're still carbs.  Also,
> fat-free dressings usually have more sugar and carbs in them too, so I 
> go
> for regular dressings.
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