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Re: [IP] Re: Cardio thingy

I read somewhere a long time ago that when you quit smoking, your metabolism
slows down 10%.  Maybe that's the cause for the increased BG levels.  And
then again, it's hard to quit smoking, so maybe the stress of quitting adds
to the BG levels as well.  When I snack on veggies, I have to bolus for
them.  Even though they're low in carbs, they're still carbs.  Also,
fat-free dressings usually have more sugar and carbs in them too, so I go
for regular dressings.


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> I will say I'm happy to be understood <G> But here's something, I have
> started to eat a lot of nibble veggies: Broccoli, celery, cukes and
> such. Now I know they have SOME CHO in them, but I was always led to
> believe the BG levels would be lower without the' nic sticks'.
> Instead, I have had to raise my basal and bolus rates. I am gaining
> weight and feel bad over it. I thought I was doing well by quitting,
> and yes, it is good, but man, I have been being very good about fat
> free dressings, and those veggies, it's like I should just go pig out
> on ACTII Butter popcorn at 900 cals a bag (Yeeps!)
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