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[IP] MiniMed 508 v. Paradigm 511, 512 and 712

There is some of the original message missing, so I don't know exactly
what I missed, however, I have a couple of comments.  I apologize if I'm
'butting in' on something that I don't completely understand.

I was very disappointed when I 'upgraded' from the 508 to the 511,
mainly because of the lack of a belt clip, and some of the features were
different.  I also missed having the clock on the Home Screen, since I
use it in place of a watch and looked at it often.

Recently, however, I had to start using the Paradigm that I got last
year.  I ran out of supplies for my 508 and now have Medicare.  No one
informed me that I must have an appointment with my Endo every 3 months
in order for them to authorize and pay for more pump supplies.  So, I
decided to use the Paradigm since I had supplies for it, rather than go
back to injections.

After having used the Paradigm for about 2 months, I realize that both
pumps have their advantages and disadvantages.  After having extensively
used the Paradigm and the 508, I would advise anyone contemplating
purchase to get the Paradigm, especially now that it has the Bolus
Wizard and other nifty features, which I am going to upgrade to get.
Unless the person needed more insulin than the Paradigm Reservoir would
hold, then I would have advised them to get the 508.

Today, however, MiniMed began offering the 712.  I spoke to MiniMed this
morning and asked them about this model.  I was told that it is like the
Paradigm 512, except that it's a little bigger in size to accommodate
the larger Reservoir.  Since size is a huge issue for me, I personally
would not like this pump and would stick with the 508 if I needed more
insulin.  For someone where size of the pump is not as big of an issue,
I would advise you to seriously consider the 712, because it has the
same novel features that the 512 does, like the Bolus Wizard.  For
information on how the 512 operates, you can read the User's Guide
online at MiniMed.com.  

I hope this is helpful information to someone.

BTW, I just checked the MiniMed Website and found this, "Note: We intend
to discontinue manufacturing new model 508 pumps for the U.S. market in
early 2004."

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In a message dated 10/28/03 2:52:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>  Today, only two weeks later I find out
> about the 712, which is what I was after from the beginning. But, they
> said Didn't exist. I would have been more than happy to have kept
> taking shots until it was release.

The 712 sounds great but the 511 sounded great also.  When a new pump
out it usually has problems.  I wouldn't want you to trade your current 
problems for new ones.  I would still try to get the 508 which is known
to be 

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