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Re: [IP]Re "tricks of the trade" or possibly something new

Hi, Judi - appreciate your confirming the how-to of it all - many thanks!


From: Judi <email @ redacted>
I'm not Meg, but I keep the "extra parts", the plunger and the blue
double-sided thingie, to refill my 511. 
What I do is put them back in the plastic case thing that they come in,
tape it back closed and put it back in my little supply case where I
keep all the rest of my stuff. Then I just reopen it up when I need to
refill. It's probably not really sanitary, but I've not gotten any
infection from it and my insurance won't give me enough to change every
other day, so I don't really have any choice. After I refill once, then
I throw them away.
Judi in MI
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