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[IP] How to get a free meter

I have always had several BG meters, one at work, one in bathroom and one in
purse.   Saves a lot of hassle.  All of them were free when the distributor
or mfg found out I use 300 test strips a month (average).  I have had the
MM512 for nearly a month.  Have made several calls and told them I need
another one, and how many test strips I use, etc.  They have said 2 times
that they will talk to their supervisor and call me back.  They never do.
They want me to pay $129 for a BD Logic glucose meter.  Before I consider
that, I wanted to know if anyone has gotten a second, free BD Logic
meter????? If so, how did you do it?  Any help would be appreciated.
AND, BTW, I will have 3 One Touch ULTRA meters to give away to anyone who
needs them.   Just holler. 
Bonnie from Bama
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