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[IP] How to deal with Minimed?

 I don't meant to sound defending of MM in this case...but one thing to keep in
mind is that the 712 JUST received FDA approval. Basically, as soon as the FDA
approved it, they released it to market. However, MM may not have known exactly
when FDA approval would come, and so did not want to advertise it as coming out
soon if, in fact it wasn't.

 Still, I think you have cause to get an upgrade since you wanted the 508 to
begin with!


>Now this is what makes me MAD. Today, only two weeks later I find out
>about the 712, which is what I was after from the beginning. But, they
>said Didn't exist. I would have been more than happy to have kept
>taking shots until it was released. My question is this, Is it really
>worth fighting this? Or, would it be better to keep my mouth shut, live
>with what I got, and chalk it up to a learning experience? Like Minimed
>seems to be pointing me.
>Sorry, I had to vent somewhere. But, some advice would be helpful.
>email @ redacted
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