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[IP] RE: "tricks of the trade" or possibly something new

I use the quick-set infusion sets, and when exercising alot, sometimes the
edges of the tape will sweat off.  Not enough for the set to come out, but
if left like that, the set could come out.  Soooo, I cut a hole in the
IV3000 tape big enough for the hub of the set to go through, disconnect, put
the tape down over the hub and reconnect.  The IV3000 tape is big enough to
overlap the tape on the quick-set, and this keeps me from having to change
sets until I'm ready.
I, too, tap the reservoir with something hard, usually the un-bristled end
of a toothbrush (I change sets in the bathroom, and it's convenient).  If
not that, then I use a pen.  Never stop the pump when disconnected either.
Keeping the insulin moving keeps bad stuff out of the tubing (a pump trainer
actually told me that).

Maybe this has been done before and if it has bare
with me but I would like to know things about pumping
that are not in the books or mentioned frequently. I
bet we all have some interesting tips or (maybe not so
interesting) to share. Here are mine:

1. to get rid of bubbles in reservoir, tap with a hard
object. I use the belt clip on the 508. This works
much better than hitting with finger.

2. when inserting quick sets, I push down very firmly
on inserter. I haven't had a bent cannula in a long

3. I reuse reservoirs. No need to throw them out each
site change. I try to remember to change them monthly.

4. When disconnected, I never stop the pump nor do I
prime. Saves time.

5. i set the reservoir volume to what I use in 3
days(approx 75 units)so it reminds me to change(the
days go so fast), but fill it up (120-150 units), so
if I can't get to it i have plenty of back up to go
another day or even 2.

I know these things are obvious to some people, but
maybe not all, and I would enjoy reading others
pumping tips. meg
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