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Re: [IP] Latest from Minimed on Paradigm

 I know that Minimed's new version will have a larger reservoir, but where did
you hear or read that it will be waterproof? I just got my 512 on Friday, but if
they are going to have one that is waterproof in the next few months, it is
going back! The rep here in Southern California has been denying that there will
be any changes except for the larger reservoir.

insulin-pumpers-digest Monday, October 27 2003 Volume 07 : Number 614


Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 22:45:28 -0600
From: George 
Subject: Re: [IP] Latest from Minimed on Paradigm

>I talked to a MM rep Friday about the issue of the lack of water
>tightness with the Paradigm and what they were doing. It was a follow-up
>to what we had discussed last month. He said that they have a developed
>a new outer case for the Paradigm. He would not go into details but he
>was expecting a news release in the next few weeks. I don't know if this
>means they have developed a new case that is water tight and if they
>have what will be the timeline before it is ready. I don't know what the
>procedure will be as far as replacing the current Paradigms with new
>ones if they come out. Just a little bit of info to share with you.

He didn't tell you of the release of the 712, the new "waterproof" MM 
with a full 300 unit syringe? I hear that is going to be announced 
any day now, maybe even this week. Start saving your change again 
folks, it'll be time to pony up again for a "new upgrade".

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