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RE: [IP] Daylight Savings

 Daylight Savings is not a universal thing. Only selected areas participate. So,
there has to be an additional "option" added to enable or disable daylight
savings time support. This isn't necessarily hard...but I think it is certainly
a low item on the list of features to support.

 Anyhow, take Indiana...only PART of the state actually participates in Daylight
Savings. So, part of the year the whole state has the same time...and then the
rest of the year, there is an hour difference. This actually caused my wife and
I a problem on our way down to Louisville, KY for a vacation one year. We drove
through Indiana. It was the opening weekend of Star Wars:Phantom Menace, and we
found this theater that had hardly anyone there, with a showing in like 30
minutes. So, we decided to wait. We got back 25 minutes later, but still no one
was there, and the theater that the showing was in was still playing. We went to
the ticket booth, when we realized that they were NOT on daylight savings though
everyone else was! We convinced them to let us refund our tickets!

 Well...the point being that Daylight savings time isn't just a matter of
knowing it is the last Saturday of October....it has to know if the area you are
in supports it.


>Len, I agree, my pc know its time to change the time, why cant the pump do
>the same. Oh maybe we need to upgrade and install GPS.  >:)
>>am i the only one ??.. yes, i DID change my lancet, but, as l left work, 
>>around 4:00,
>>i noticed that my $5000 "pocket watch", read  5:00
>>(you'd think by now, since you Do enter the date, it would know)
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