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RE: [IP] "tricks of the trade" or possibly something new

Adele is correct, I just reviewed the Paradigm 512 information I have,
and the 512 can be set with the volume for the low reservoir alert.
However, I'm pretty sure that a MiniMed rep told me that the 508 would
alarm 3 times for a low reservoir, whereas the Paradigms only alarm 2
times.  I know this may be nitpicking, but I relied on the nagging of my
508 to get me to refill the reservoir before it was empty.  It seems
like the 511 lets me off a little easier so I have to be more diligent
about getting the insulin out of the frig when I see the first alert.

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{set the reservoir volume to what I use in 3
days(approx 75 units)so it reminds me to change(the
days go so fast), but fill it up (120-150 units), so
if I can't get to it i have plenty of back up to go
another day or even 2.}
(Meg said)

{I used to do the same thing
with my 508 and when I expressed my dissatisfaction with the Paradigm
511 because you couldn't do this, of course the sales rep didn't
understand.  So, just to let people out there know, this cannot be done
with the 511 and, I believe, the 512.}
(Juan said)

I hope I'm understanding what you mean by setting the reservoire volume.
Anyway, with the 512 you can fill it up to 160 units and set it for when
ever you want it to remind you that you have a low reservoire.  I
usually go
about 4 days and it reminds me when I have 10 units left. You can set
number to be whatever you want.
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