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Re: [IP] Latest from Minimed on Paradigm

>I talked to a MM rep Friday about the issue of the lack of water
>tightness with the Paradigm and what they were doing. It was a follow-up
>to what we had discussed last month. He said that they have a developed
>a new outer case for the Paradigm. He would not go into details but he
>was expecting a news release in the next few weeks. I don't know if this
>means they have developed a new case that is water tight and if they
>have what will be the timeline before it is ready. I don't know what the
>procedure will be as far as replacing the current Paradigms with new
>ones if they come out. Just a little bit of info to share with you.

He didn't tell you of the release of the 712, the new "waterproof" MM 
with a full 300 unit syringe?  I hear that is going to be announced 
any day now, maybe even this week.  Start saving your change again 
folks, it'll be time to pony up again for a "new upgrade".

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