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[IP] anyone order 508 suipplies lately?

Yeah - I was shocked!  This was the first time I used their website to
place an order, instead of by phone, and I couldn't find the box of 24!!
It said 10, so I thought it was a mistake.

What is really wierd here, is the infusion sets come in sets of 12, and
the reserviors in sets of 10.  To make a matched order (equal numbers of
both), you need to order 5 boxs of infusion sets, and 6 boxes of reserviors.
They should at least come in sets that can match equal infusions sets and
reserviors, without having to order so many to make them match.  Did I
order 5 - no.  I just thought the website was wrong, until I got the 
supplies.  No worry, I have leftovers anyway.


Kevin WB0DPN
email @ redacted
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