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RE: [IP] Constipation

Hello there,

It sounds like you are trying to improve your digestion with the
consumption of foods containing fiber.  However, this may not be enough.
I recommend trying one of the 'mix with water' fibers, like Citrucel or
Benefiber.  If you're into 'health' foods, Rainbow Light makes an
'Everyday Fiber System' which consists of 6 capsules taken daily which
contain enough fiber to really bulk up the stool, as well as other
helpful digestive things like clay.  (I know clay may not sound good,
but I actually was told by my GI doc to take it.)

If you ever get really constipated, Sorbitol can quickly make you have a
movement.  My friend was on peritoneal dialysis and had problems with
constipation and his doctor prescribed Sorbitol.  I think it's available
without a prescription, but usually pharmacies don't carry it so it must
be ordered.  It comes in a liquid form.  I don't remember what the
dosage was but if it's not indicated on the bottle, then perhaps your
doctor or pharmacist could advise you.

Age 37, Type 1 for 10 years
On MiniMed Paradigm 511, upgrading soon to the 512

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Dear IP members,
I tried to come up with a more delicate heading for this subject, but
then decided that it might get deleted before reading--sorry!  I've had
Type 1 for 28 years and have always had problems with constipation.
Now, it may not be at all connected with diabetes, but it is a real
problem with me.  I seriously thought I was going to have to go to the
ER last night as a result.  I go over and over my diet in my head; and,
although I do like cheese, I also ate a ton of vegetables last week and
at least my normal fruit servings (and I even took stool softeners).  

I have gotten so much help from the list in the past.  I was wondering
if anyone has insight into this problem.  Thanks in advance!

Type 1 since 1975; pumping 12/01
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