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[IP] constipation

Ruth, sounds like you've gotten good advice about drinking water and adding
fiber.  I'd also suggest that you ask your doc to run blood tests for celiac
disease next time you have other blood work done.  CD is another autoimmune
disease that can present as either diarrea or constipation, or without
symptoms at all, for that matter.

original post...
Dear IP members,
I tried to come up with a more delicate heading for this subject, but
then decided that it might get deleted before reading--sorry!  I've had
Type 1 for 28 years and have always had problems with constipation.
Now, it may not be at all connected with diabetes, but it is a real
problem with me.  I seriously thought I was going to have to go to the
ER last night as a result.  I go over and over my diet in my head; and,
although I do like cheese, I also ate a ton of vegetables last week and
at least my normal fruit servings (and I even took stool softeners).

I have gotten so much help from the list in the past.  I was wondering
if anyone has insight into this problem.  Thanks in advance!

Type 1 since 1975; pumping 12/01
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