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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #611

Hi All
 This has nothing to do with diabetes or pumps, but a WARNING to all of us that
use debit cards and buy gas at the pump with them. I used mine at the pump and
then went to use the card to get my insulin and it was denied. I knew I had more
that enough to cover the cost of the gas, under $20, and my insulin. After
fighting the bank and the gas station I find that the gas station can put a $100
hold on your checking account until the gas charge has cleared. There was also
several checks that bounced because of this hold and I was charge $28 for each
one of them, which I got the bank to finally refund because it was not my fault.
There is no warning sign on the pump to let you know about this and I found that
if I go inside and pay with my debit card there is no hold on the account. I am
passing the information to as many as I can to see if this can be stopped.


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