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Re: [IP] Tests of competancy

 You know, I don't have any test. I feel lows pretty early. (Like, today, I
started feeling low when I was 77.) Sometimes, if I go significantly low (say,
in the 50's) I do notice that even after my BGL has come back up, I still feel a
bit "out of it". It is like the brain takes longer to recover than the BGL. Just
a few days ago, I had a case where I was low, in the 50's, and than I ate
something. Within 30 minutes, I was back up to 137...but I still felt low. It is
times like these that I typically find I overtreat and result in high BGL later.

I don't usually have this problem when I only drop into the 60's or 70's.  

 So, it is a case where feelings aren't necessarily reflective our BGL, and our
BGL isn't necessarily reflective of our "competancy".

 One thing that I do if I'm really low is that I will bolus for what I'm eating
that will overtreat. For example, if, after factoring unused insulin, I need to
eat 20 carbs to bring my BGL back up to normal, but I eat 40...I'll bolus for
those extra 20 but use a square wave of 30 minutes for that bolus. This way, the
insulin doesn't start working before the food.

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