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[IP] "tricks of the trade" or possibly something new

Maybe this has been done before and if it has bare
with me but I would like to know things about pumping
that are not in the books or mentioned frequently. I
bet we all have some interesting tips or (maybe not so
interesting) to share. Here are mine:

1. to get rid of bubbles in reservoir, tap with a hard
object. I use the belt clip on the 508. This works
much better than hitting with finger.

2.  when inserting quick sets, I push down very firmly
on inserter. I haven't had a bent cannula in a long

3. I reuse reservoirs. No need to throw them out each
site change. I try to remember to change them monthly.

4. When disconnected,  I never stop the pump nor do I
prime. Saves time.

5. i set the reservoir volume to what I use in 3
days(approx 75 units)so it reminds me to change(the
days go so fast), but fill it up (120-150 units), so
if I can't get to it i have plenty of back up to go
another day or even 2.

I know these things are obvious to some people, but
maybe not all, and I would enjoy reading others
pumping tips. meg

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