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[IP] Tests of competence

 >> ive been considering tests of competency I could give myself,
 >>I am assuming that if I could solve mental
 >>problems, my physical symptoms would also have resolved

if you Dont FEEL competent enough, then maybe (likely), youre Not....., and 
you are lucky, to be able to realize it.... (thats half the battle)

i Use this test: i always have a newspaper (or book), in the car... if i 
Can read, and i can concentrate on
an article (even a short one), then i feel like:....."if  i can concentrate 
on That", i likely can drive.
(even a vehicle "owners manual" should work)

(there were a few times, back in the 60's, where i used this same test)

(this assumes, of course, that you have difficulty reading and 
understanding, when your low)

I will say, im  grateful, for  todays meters, for, 20+ years ago, we had 
even less of an idea....
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