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[IP] Re: FluMist vs Flu shot

This is nothing really new. You have to avoid certain
people for a few weeks after other types of (mostly
childhood) vaccines as well (if the vaccines, injected
or otherwise, come from live viruses - I don't think
many do anymore though)! I'm sure most people are
responsible and stay out of the public afterwards like
they are supposed to - Lord knows, they are so good
about it when they are sick (sarcasm). I know what you
mean though. :)

I read up on the FluMist after I sent my post on the
flu shot the other day, and half my kids aren't
eligible for it (2 are too young, 1 has asthma, and 1
has diabetes).

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-13 (dx 11/96, pumping
HTron 11/99, pumping Cozmo 8/03) and her 7 siblings :)

Ryan said:

 Now, that's just great...so, we are expected to just
"immunocompromised" people by site? I mean...can you
tell who has HIV/AIDS, or
is taking a corticosteroid, etc. just by looking at
them? Should a person who
takes the FluMist wear a "warning" label that says,
"Please stand back...I have
been vaccinated with FluMist!"

The first time that I saw that the FluMist was a LIVE
vaccination, I decided it
wasn't a good idea. Despite the fact that the Flu shot
gives me a sore arm and a
rash for several days...I just don't like the FluMist
idea...and now, I would
have to worry about compromising the health of others
around me because of it! I
mean, my son is asthmatic (err, person with asthma
*sic*) and has food
allergies. He isn't even ALLOWED to get the flu
vaccination because of his
allergies. Now I have to worry about him hanging around
other people just in
CASE they received FluMist???

Sorry.  Venting.  :-)
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