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[IP] Tests of competence

When I have been low, sometimes it takes some time after my bg has 
returned to normal to really regain my competence.  I will particularly 
notice it sometimes because my vision is still impaired, because I 
don't have good balance, or because I have difficulty figuring things 
out.  But mostly, I just don't feel very competent yet.

Last week, I walked to the service station to pick up my car on the 
chilliest day so far this year.  My bg got way too low, even with a 
reduced basal  (every fall I seem to have some occasions like this -- 
exercise in cold weather causing lowering of bgs more than exercise in 
moderate weather --but, since they aren't consistent, I just try to 
keep aware they can happen).  So I sucked my glucose tabs and pretty 
quickly got my bg up above 100, but I still didn't feel competent to 
drive.  It occurred to me that this is awfully subjective -- often I 
feel  I can drive after a low has been raised, sometimes I don't, but, 
if I sometimes am not competent, what makes me think I am competent the 
rest of the time to actually make that judgment?<gr.>

I've been considering tests of competency I could give myself, to help 
make the judgment.  I am assuming that if I could solve mental 
problems, my physical symptoms would also have resolved (this is an 
assumption only, of course).  Does anyone else worry about this and 
have techniques or guidelines of their own?

No, I've never had an auto accident (I'm 57, diabetic since age 8), and 
I don't want to ever have one, either <gr.>.  To you parents and youth: 
  for me, I suspect it has always been a problem (occasional slow 
recovery from lows), but, of course, I didn't have the ability to test 
when I was young.

Linda Z
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