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[IP] Explaining?

Laura Said/Asked: >>>>>Anyway, those of you who (at least sometimes) avoid
sugary/carby foods on 
account of your diabetes, how do you handle these types of 
situations?  What do you think is the best response?  How do you avoid 
launching into a lecture and at the same time avoid accidentally spreading 
misinformation? Anyway, just some thoughts... Laura<<<<<<<<<<< 

A very smart mentor taught me years ago to always remember my responsibility
is to "NEVER COMPLAIN, NEVER EXPLAIN".   I use my own judgment as to who is
really interested in knowing more, who gets a thank you, a no thank you, a
nice smile as I eat the cookie, or an 25 word or less explanation of how the
pump allows me to eat anything.   Like picking your battles (labels and
endos), you do not owe anyone an explanation.  It is always your choice.  A
smile works wonders. 
Bonnie from Bama
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