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RE: [IP] one more burden...

<<Someone said maybe Kevin being on Adderall
caused the hyperthyroid.>>

No, No,  No..

I'm assuming Kevein has TYpe1 Diabetes.
THis is an Autoimmune disease.
So is Grave's disease.
See the correlation?
There is a high incidence of Type 1 with Grave's Dx.

I know, I've got it, so does my Endo.
Yes, the TSH of 0.016 is very low.

Did Kevein have a Thyroid Uptake Scan?
That will differentiate between subacute Thyroiditis and Grave's.
A low uptake may indicate Thyroiditis.
A normal to elevated Uptake scan will indicate Grave's.
A normal Thyroid Uptake Scan is 6 - 20.

My Endo went straight to irradiation.
He felt he just wanted to stop the Hyperthyoidism and get on with life.

I went with the Methimazole (Tapazole).
 A male in his 40's, with an enlarged Thyroid of approximately 1/3 has a 50%
chance of remission. Also I feel I already have one dead organ, I don't feel
like killing another.

 I can see why some people have nausea. For such a little pill, it tastes
AWFUL!!. I tastes like pure iodine. I take it with breakfast in the morning and
a half a glass of milk at night.

here is the AACE's brochure on Hyperthyroidism:

and Radioiodine Therapy:

 And here is their Medical Guidelines for the evaluation and treatment of

Good Luck,

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