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I agree with Len on the diabetic label thing.   I like to be recognized as a 
diabetic so I can show people it is not a phone but a pump.   I must also give 
credit where credit is due.   It was Len who posted to IP that with diabetic 
socks a person needs to wear pumps.   That was recycled and I see no problem 
recycling old topics.
I want to add also that my 5th BD Logic machine seems to be much better than 
the other 4.   I will keep my trusty Ultra as a backup   to use when playing 
bridge and when I can't believe my BG is THAT high.   The BG was 50 points 
 higher than the Ultra just the other day. Sad to say I was 251 on the Ultra
and 309 on the BD.
Jim Durr
Ogdensburg, NY
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