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[IP] New pumper question - infusion sets

From: "Carrie Schaeper" <email @ redacted>
Hi everyone
I will be starting on my new MiniMed Paradigm pump in the next week, but
need help. I need to deciede which infusion sets to order. I am a newlywed
who wants the most minimal looking and invasive set I can use. I have
little body fat and good lean muscle so MiniMed is telling me to go with the
Silouhette (sp?) ... what can others suggest to me? Any other suggestions
on keeping the sets in place for those personal times?
Thanks for the help

Hey, Carrie!  I use a Paradigm w/ the 43" 6mm infusion set - I have little
body fat, and have learned I can't use the upper stomach area - crimps
regularly there, but the lower abd. and legs, hips and buttocks work fine,
so do arms for that matter.  The shorter tube made me crazy as it never
seemed to allow me enough "wiggle room," esp. when sleeping... dh was
nervous about "those personal times" but in 2+ years, have only had the set
come out once and uh... no one noticed <g>  Did mean putting a new set in
afterwards...  Tried the slanted needle infusion, and didn't feel
comfortable with it.  Of course, ymmv

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