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Re: [IP] A new take (was: Diabetic label)

Having been involved with a myriad of lists, *every* list has recurring
topics, and my take is that one doesn't join a list to read archives, but
rather to have interaction with folks.  On one list I'm on, the moderator
actually posts the link to the previous post that began the last discussion
on that same topic - a good, practical way to have interaction, and make it
easier on both newbies and those that have had these discussions before.  I
do agree that "new blood" makes for new facets.  And if a person doesn't
wish to wade thru it "one more time," there's always the delete button -
easier than agida.


From: Lori or Brian Coffey <email @ redacted>
Does everyone on the list feel this way? That I should go read the
archives before I start a thread or ask a question??
Gail, my point was that even if a subject has been hashed out before,
there is always "new blood" on the list, and an old subject can be given a
new twist. And people are known to change their minds on various topics,
as well!
Personally, I think that people like to refer to themselves as "diabetics"
because it avoids saying the word "diabetes", which is often
mispronounced. LOL
Happy Birthday, Gail!
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