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Re: [IP]Cozmore

>From everything I've heard recently, the meter will have the same technology
as the Therasense Flash, but will not BE the Therasense Flash. The meter
clips onto the back of the Cozmo pump, using a modified battery cover to
hold it in place. I've seen the Cozmore system in person (I got to tour the
Deltec plant a while ago) and I'm excited for it's release. It will make the
pump thicker, but not unbearable in my opinion. The "Cozmonitor" attachment
is easily removable, which is good since the meter part is not watertight.

Here's a link that Len Lutz posted a few days ago -- near the bottom of his
page there are a couple of good pictures of the new meter attachment:


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From: "George Davis" <email @ redacted>

> Robin said:
> When the new meter comes out for the Cozmore...I read someone said it will
> attach to the back of the cozmo...does that mean it will make it really
> I ask because Kevin wears his pump in his pocket and this wouldn't set
> for him...
> Robin, my CDE told me the Cozmore monitor will be the Therasense Flash,
> can be viewed at http://www.therasense.com/index.aspx
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