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[IP] pump or no pump

From: Judi <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re: Appeal for a pump question

Can anyone who has had to an appeal for a pump tell me the levels of an
appeal?  For example, I am just starting and have been advised by my
insurance company that I now appeal to the medical director that denied
my request.  When she denies me again, does anyone know where I appeal
next?  I know there are several levels and believe the final level of
appeal might be outside of your insurance company.  Can anyone tell meCan
anyone tell me
for sure?

Judi in MI
first read your policy carefully and see if it covers durable medical
equipment, such as the pump and its various parts , such as sets, set
aplication materials and parts.then check to see if your state requires
insurers to supply diabetic coverage. If they do not have to supply diabetic
coverage, you are stuck, if they do they have no excuse unless you have type 2
diabetes as defined by high c-peptide levels. if diabetes coverage is mandated
you must get the materials which your doctor has ordered.
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