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RE: [IP] New pumper question - infusion sets

I use the Slhouettes and to me, they are the least noticeable.  I do
wish the adhesive was all clear instead of white so that it wouldn't
appear that I have a white circle on my abdomen.  But I guess we can't
have everything.  When I was having sex, I would remove the pump and
just leave the infusion set on my body.  If you or your partner would
prefer that the set remain smooth, there is a 'cap' which is supplied
with every infusion set that you can put on the set that remains in your
body.  (When you get the Silhouettes, you'll see what I mean.)  


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Hi everyone

I will be starting on my new MiniMed Paradigm pump in the next week, but
need help.  I need to deciede which infusion sets to order.  I am a
who wants the most minimal looking and invasive set I can use.  I have
little body fat and good lean muscle so MiniMed is telling me to go with
Silouhette (sp?) ... what can others suggest to me?  Any other
on keeping the sets in place for those personal times?

Thanks for the help

type 1 iddm since age 11 - shots moving to pump soon!
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