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Re: [IP] A new take (was: Diabetic label)

gail d wrote:
If you think you have something NEW to add to this

> discussion - then by all means - jump right in.  But -
> please go read the archives before starting what you
> think are "NEW" discussions - but have actually been
> discussed, dissected, rehashed, and served as
> leftovers again.

Does everyone on the list feel this way? That I should go read the
archives before I start a thread or ask a question??

Gail, my point was that even if a subject has been hashed out before,
there is always "new blood" on the list, and an old subject can be given a
new twist. And people are known to change their minds on various topics,
as well!

Personally, I think that people like to refer to themselves as "diabetics"
because it avoids saying the word "diabetes", which is often
mispronounced. LOL

Happy Birthday, Gail!

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