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Re: [IP] A new take (was: Diabetic label)

FWIW, I never correct people who call my child "diabetic." I don't ask them to
use different terminology. I just teach by example - I say she HAS diabetes. I
talk about people WITH diabetes.

It does bother me when people with diabetes are called diabetics, but I'm not
going to argue with people or even correct them.

On a side note...I'm new to this list, and I just read a post that we should
stop discussing this and go read the archives. I don't agree with that. There
are new people joining the list daily, and new people will always provide a
 different perspective on a discussion. I feel that we should be allowed to
partake in a discussion, not just go back and read archives (BORING).

Mom to Emily (4 1/2, dx'd at 2 1/2)
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