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[IP] Re: A new take (was: diabetic label)

>I propose to you
>that it is DIABETICS who have led to the lack of understanding of the
>disease moreso than any other group.  I, to this day, see diabetics who
>think that eating a cookie or candy bar is a no-no, but have no problems
>eating a plate full of mashed potatoes, or french bread, etc.  It is people
>with DIABETES that have led to the misperceptions of the disease.

This brings me to an interesting tangent I've been thinking about 
lately.  I eat low-carb -- no french bread, mashed potatoes, OR cookies or 
candy bars (well, okay, I splurge occasionally, but I try to do so ONLY 
occasionally!)  So when I'm in a group and someone offers around a plate of 
cookies or baked goods, what do I say?  Of course I can simply say "no, 
thanks," which is what I usually do.  Then of course I often get remarks 
like "Oh, you're being so good", etc.  Do I then explain that I have 
diabetes?  I'm always afraid that if I do, I'll have inadvertently 
confirmed the idea that "diabetics" can't eat sugar or they'll drop dead on 
the spot.  And I generally don't feel like launching into a long 
explanation that I have diabetes and that while I COULD eat these foods, I 
choose not to, and that everyone with diabetes has to decide what the best 
diet/exercise/medication plan is for them -- we're not all alike, and if 
they meet someone else with diabetes who doesn't eat like I do, it doesn't 
mean they (or I) are doing something wrong!  (I'm sure everyone's eyes 
would be glazing over by this point!)

Anyway, those of you who (at least sometimes) avoid sugary/carby foods on 
account of your diabetes, how do you handle these types of 
situations?  What do you think is the best response?  How do you avoid 
launching into a lecture and at the same time avoid accidentally spreading 

Anyway, just some thoughts...

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