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Re: [IP] A new take (was: Diabetic label)

At 10:35 PM -0400 10/25/03, Ryan Bruner wrote:
>Another person (myself, in this case) will fight to my dying day to HOLD on
>to the label of diabetic.  I see being diabetic as a triumph...that I have
>survived this "dreadful" disease for over 20 years, and plan to continue to
>LIVE with it another 40-50!

I do agree with you here, Ryan.  Almost 40 years for me.   I'm 
starting to get the hang of this disease.

>Let me ask...is it the public's responsibility to understand this disease?

Since I quite often don't understand it myself, I certainly don't 
expect that of the public.

>Do we have any "right" to educate people on the matter?  I propose to you
>that it is DIABETICS who have led to the lack of understanding of the
>disease moreso than any other group.

Yes!  We do have the right to correct any ignorance, particularly 
when it is shoved in our face.  And I vehemently disagree that it is 
DIABETICS or Persons with Diabetes "who have led in lack of 
understanding"  You are starting to sound like a non-diabetic here, 

>I, to this day, see diabetics who
>think that eating a cookie or candy bar is a no-no, but have no problems
>eating a plate full of mashed potatoes, or french bread, etc.  It is people
>with DIABETES that have led to the misperceptions of the disease.

Personally, I prefer a Snickers bar to a slice of French bread any 
day!  To me the Snickers is easy to balance.  French breads may vary! 
But if I eat a Snickers or a slice of French bread, I do not believe 
that my actions should negatively affect ANYONES perceptions of 
diabetes.  YMMV and I'll eat what I damn well want.

>So, be gentle with the public.  They life(sic) in ignorant bliss about the
>disease, and I don't feel it is my right, duty, responsibility, or even
>burden to educate anyone else on the disease except those who have it!

Bovine Fecal Matter!   If anyone gets in my face I'll damn well be as 
"un-gentle" with them as they have been with me.  It IS my right, I 
don't feel a duty and I'm sure not taking responsibility for anyone's 
stupidity.  Now as to educating "those who have it",THAT is ONLY if 

Respectfully (except to the ignoramuses),

George     :>)
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