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[IP] A new take (was: Diabetic label)

It is interesting how even those with diabetes have completely opposite
views on the (preferred) terminology and what it should or shouldn't be.
There is actually a problem, which of course, ultimately only confuses the
general public more than helps it...that is that each diabetic and their
YMMV lifestyle has a different "message" for the general public.

One person will insist that they not be referred to as a diabetic. In the
words of one posting, "It is disrespectful and insensitive... and all it
takes is education to help raise awareness."

Another person (myself, in this case) will fight to my dying day to HOLD on
to the label of diabetic.  I see being diabetic as a triumph...that I have
survived this "dreadful" disease for over 20 years, and plan to continue to
LIVE with it another 40-50!

Yet another diabetic will serve to correct the person who tells them what
they can and cannot eat...

And then another diabetic will fight for more support from the FDA and food
establishments for improved labeling for diabetics.

Still another will avoid eating "sugar", eating "sugar-free" meals that are,
instead, sweetened with honey, etc.

Then there is the diabetic who has gone their life avoiding eating certain
foods, but suffering from all kinds of complications...

And then the other who has eaten whatever they wanted, using carb counting,
with no complications whatsoever!

Let me ask...is it the public's responsibility to understand this disease?
Do we have any "right" to educate people on the matter?  I propose to you
that it is DIABETICS who have led to the lack of understanding of the
disease moreso than any other group.  I, to this day, see diabetics who
think that eating a cookie or candy bar is a no-no, but have no problems
eating a plate full of mashed potatoes, or french bread, etc.  It is people
with DIABETES that have led to the misperceptions of the disease.

So, be gentle with the public.  They life in ignorant bliss about the
disease, and I don't feel it is my right, duty, responsibility, or even
burden to educate anyone else on the disease except those who have it!  If
I'm asked, I will answer.  But, I recommend leaving the poor people alone
who innocently call me a "diabetic" instead of a "person with diabetes".
Before you start requiring such understanding from them about diabetes, make
sure you have taken the same amount of time to understand any "problem" they
may have, be it depression, cancer, food allergies, or crohn's disease.
(Believe me...I have see far more "injustice" in understanding some of those
diseases than I ever have with diabetes!!!)

Well, anyhow....just food for thought.  I'll go about my business now.  I
don't mean to be offensive if I have come across that way.

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