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Re: [IP] Re: battery sirens

>It would be a mistake for me to disabled low alarm.
>I could use one also at 10u & 5 u! I often forget the 20u alarm went 
>off! Linda K
>>. Since I have to look at the remaining insulin level on my Animas 
>>anyway to avoid the alarm occurring at an inopportune time, I would 
>>really appreciate a way to disable the alarm entirely.

On the first models of the IR-1000 there are the alarms and there is 
also the siren.  When you reach the low insulin level the alarm 
sounds.  When you run out of insulin, the alarm sounds again.  If you 
have not taken care of the out of insulin situation, the alarm will 
turn into a siren.   The latest version of the IR-1000 has a 
different type of alarm pattern.  It will allow a bit more time to 
take care of the out of insulin, but will eventually go into a 
"siren" mode, BUT this siren isn't nearly as painful to the ears.  It 
CAN be heard, but it won't give you a headache!        :>)

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