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Re: [IP] Re: battery sirens

On Saturday, October 25, 2003, <email @ redacted> wrote:

> It had gone and hit that low-level insulin mark while I was in
> the bath so I didn't hit "confirm" as the pump was on the kitchen
> table.....I didn't believe the noise coming out of that little 
> thing....:)
LOL  I know the problem.  I had changed my low-level setting from 20 
units to 40 units one night, so that the alarm would not wake me up 
during the night.  Last month, when I was lying on the operating table, 
with my one hand being operated on and the other arm attached to the 
blood pressure monitor, I suddenly remembered that I had made that 
change, and that the pump was getting close to 40 units.   Luckily, the 
operation was just ending, and no damage was caused.  But it made me 
think that in the future, I should be sure to not just tell doctors and 
nurses that I am wearing a pump, but warn them that there is always a 
possibility that the darn thing might alarm!   (As well as check for 
insulin level before going under the knife <gr.>).  I don't like the 
idea of an alarm startling the surgeon just as he starts to cut LOL.

Since I have to look at the remaining insulin level on my Animas anyway 
to avoid the alarm occurring at an inopportune time, I would really 
appreciate a way to disable the alarm entirely.

Linda Z
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