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RE: [IP] Flu Shot?

I get one every year. I go to my doctors office (pcp) at no cost. I would
recommend it to anyone who is a diabetic. I had something this past
September that rang my bell. My wife ha it for 2 weeks and then I got it,
Felt almost like the flu, but it is probably too early for that.


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> I used to be a non-believer of the flu shot, because I'm usually very
> cautious about taking any other medications other than insulin and also
> to prevent health problems with good nutrition, excercise and mental
> positivty. But........ When I got the flu a couple of years ago, it
> literally almost put me in the hospital. I had had the flu in years past
> this one was the worst I'd ever experienced. So....... I'm getting the flu
> shot every year now and haven't had the flu since. I think it is worth it!
> My Dr. says that it increases you immune system to get the shot.

i don't know if it would increase your immune system, but i'd rather lower
my chances of getting the flu.  it's pretty amazing how few people really
understand what the flu shot actually does - a bunch of people told me that
they wouldn't get the shot because: a) "i'll get sick if i get the flu
shot"; b) "i got the shot last year and i was sick all winter" (note: one of
the people with the second reason has an already depressed immune system due
to... oh drat, i forget the name of the disease.  anyway, she gets sick at
the drop of a hat).

fortunately, here in ontario, flu shots are free for everyone, and flu shot
clinics are set up in workplaces, universities, and in community centres.
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