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Re: [IP] Flu Shot?

Shannon was dxd Thanksgiving Day 1996 and got the flu
vax within a month or so of dx (I canNOT remember if
the rest of us did or not at that time though...having
a major brain phart on that.) I DO remember that the
following Oct, the endo had our entire family (at the
time, 2 adults and 6 children) get the flu vax. Our
youngest at that time was only 9-10mos old. It wasn't
protocol to vaccinate one so young but they did it
anyway, because the endo *insisted* on it. The younger
kids and first timers had to have theirs in 2 doses
(that was fun). I think that was the only time our
whole family ever got the vax though. After that year,
Shannon has been the only one (and she has missed one
here and there). I think I'd be more inclined to get
*all* of them vaccinated if they went to public school
and/or daycare (= more exposure to germs/viruses), but
they don't (we homeschool). The vax made no difference
for us in terms of health...the kids rarely ever get
anything but colds and are very healthy in general,
with or without the vax. Our hospital doesn't even
start doing the flu vax until November so Shannon
hasn't gotten it yet.

Now there is the new FluMist (intranasal) vaccine. I
think I'd prefer getting that to a shot. I know the
kids would (I don't know what ages that is approved for
though.) :)

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-13 (dx 11/96, pumping
HTron 11/99, pumping Cozmo 8/03) and her 7 siblings :)

Deirdre said:

Last year our ped wanted the child to be at least age
2, so my 8, 5, and 3  year old (the one with diabetes)
got it. This year, the pediatrician has moved the age
limit down to 6 months.  We had our healthiest winter
ever with the flu shot.
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