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RE: [IP] Re: battery sirens

The Animas has warnings also Jan, but if not heeded, and I was disconnected
and in another room when this happened and it had nothing to do with the
battery, the stupid siren went off because I wasn't there to take care of
the first warning. Let's say it gets your attention and I personally think
it is an offensive sound....and the dogs didn't like it either! Husband is
going "what's going on?" and two dogs are barking and two howling....and the
"siren" is getting louder and louder.....not good......:)


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Subject: [IP] Re: battery sirens

 DaSubject: RE: [IP] Re: 3-minute delivery
> I changed the battery at the 2-1/2 month mark because I didn't want to
> that siren and have all the dogs barking and howling again. I do wish they
> would give you the option of shutting that feature off for more things. I
> don't ever want it going off again and it has nothing to do with
> paranoia....something to do with a free-for-all and my ears.

The MM pumps don't siren like that, but give a warning on the screen LO
battery for about 12 hours until they have to make an audible alarm to get
your attention in case you haven't seen it during that time. I don't recall
(Hillary Syndrome) ever hearing the alarm cuz at some point during that
warning I change at my convenience. This is my 2nd MM pump.

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