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Re: [IP] Re: diabetic label

Oh, Roger, I'm not saying I think less of them; not at all!  It just gives
me pause in a curious way - sort of like Legolas' (or Dr. Spock's)
expression of curiosity when he sees men being emotional... I think it's the
wording of the comment that makes me smile inwardly - sort of the same way,
if a woman got her hair done, and someone said, "Wow, you don't even look as
old as you are!"  A compliment, to be sure, but the wording is... uh... not
what a woman would prefer to hear <bg>  You're absolutely right that in the
past diabetics had a way rougher road, which is why when older folks make
comments about diabetes, or adoption for that matter, it doesn't phase me in
the least.  It's my own generation's comments that humor me (I'm 42) - just
give me a passing inward laugh.  And it *is* indeed a blessing to not look
sick :-D


From: email @ redacted
In a message dated 10/24/2003 9:47:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:
> Laura, I get this comment all the time or it's corrolary, "Wow, you don't
> even look sick!" lol It cracks me up! I suppose it's a backwards
> compliment, but it always sounds humorous to me. Makes one wonder what
> of picture folks have in their minds of what a person with diabetes should
> look like - and it makes me glad to be able to break down those
> even though it's been through God's grace and not my own "control" for
I have read most of the posts on the label subject and it occurs to me most
people with Diabetes today have no idea what a person in the 30's 40's or
looked like. It was not a surprise to see a diabetic with big circles under
the eyes or hollow cheeks. I have never had the feeling that I was different
because of my condition. I also don't think any less of a person who knows
nothing about Diabetes. There are a ton of things in the medical world I
very little about. I guess I just like to enjoy each day I have. Roger C
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