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[IP] Diabetic label/diabetic socks

Jimmy wrote:
Seems to me that this has been discussed before.   I made a comment about
 diabetic socks and was told that all you need to control diabetic socks is
to wear pumps.....
Easily said, easily done.
Jimmy Durr
Ogdensburg, NY
Sharon replied:
I agree with Jimmy and others that wrote regarding diabetic socks and all the
other products they advertise, like in the back of the diabetic
forecast-diabetic shoes and impotence devices. I think, especially the shoes,
look really dorky giving a person the wrong idea of diabetes. Shoes are
important-there are good quality shoes on the market like Dexter that are
comfortable and last forever.

The socks are way too expensive and are supposed to be support socks for good
circulation. I do have difficulty with socks mostly because I have small feet
- which I hope is not diabetic related (most things are blamed on diabetes). I
am just a petite person. I have bought woman's socks and find they are too big
for my feet and don't last very long before they twist down in my shoes or
wear out. So now I buy boys socks and do just fine!

Does anybody have the phone number to subscribe to the Diabetes Interview? I
see my subscription to diabetes forecast is going to run out.  Sharon B.
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