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RE: [IP] Endo

 -- On Sat 10/25, Tina Heubeck < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: Tina Heubeck [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted:
Sat, 25 Oct 2003 06:05:47 +0000Subject: RE: [IP] Endohmm, certainly interesting.
how can you know that endos are overrated ifyou have never seen one?I do agree
with that you have to manage your diabetes (and I believe mostpeople here do
that anyway) BUT things aren't always that easy andstraight forward. If you are
lucky and get a doc or whoever who knowslots about diabetes - congratulations -
but if you don't have that personor are generally new in town "endo" is a good
first indicator/signal. Ithink it helps to get another opinion or ideas
occasionally. If there isa problem I think it is - straight forward - ignorant
to refuse to getexternal help with it if "your own management" can't solve it.
that whatendos are good for.Tina
 Tina, I agree...I've had both kinds of endo's...I've had the endo that just
told me I was doing fine and keep doing what my PCP was doing and while I was
there I saw a CDE. That endo was a waste of money, I agree. However, I currently
have an endo that I refuse to give up! My PCP is knowledgable in diabetes care,
his own brother is a type I. But he and I didn't see eye to eye on putting me on
insulin. I wanted off orals and he didn't want me on insulin. Finally he agreed
to send me to an endo. When I first saw my endo, he agreed that insulin was the
way to go but was going to go 70/30 when I requested MDI and floored him. He
raised his eyebrows and asked if I was sure and I told him the MDI gave tighter
control! So he let me go for it. Then I started talking the pump. As a type II,
it took longer but we did it. He's been behind me 110%. He knows I have an
*internet support system* in the way of an email loop, now two of them...one for
the pump and one for my diabetes in gene!
  ral. And he encourages my uses that resource. But he is with me on this not
just patting me on the back and sending me back to my PCP. And that is MY kind
of endo! Liz

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