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RE: [IP] Opinions on the Paradigm upgrade

To enter the bg value, you press the B button, the one to the left of
the ESC, and then use the up/down arrows to increase/decrease the value.
The value starts at what you have put in as your target bg.  So if you
put 100 as your target, and your bg was 150, you would press up and it
would count from 100 to 150.  You then press ACT to accept this number
and it will ask the number of grams eaten.  You enter 0 to see if it
wants suggest a correction.  Once you press ACT, it shows:

  Est. Total:	 0.1U (based on my BG, food intake, and active ins.)
  Food intake:	 5 gr (grams I entered)
  BG:			 85
  Food:		 0.5U (based on my carbs ratio)
  Correction:	-0.4U
  Active Ins:	 0.1U
ACT to proceed
ESC to back up

Pushing ACT again will then show the screen for Normal, Square, or Dual
Bolus.  If you choose Normal it will show a default of 0.1U and you can
then use the up/down arrows to adjust, or just press ACT to confirm.  If
you choose Dual, it first shows a screen with the total amount of the
Bolus, in this case 0.1U.  You can here adjust the amount.  Once you ACT
the amount, it will show a split screen, where you can divide the total
number of units between NOW and Square.  Once you press ACT, it will ask
for the Square duration, ACT again will start it.


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One thing I AM curious about is exactly HOW the blood glucose value is
manually entered into the Paradigm 512.  Is it done by a single button
advance or decrease of the value, or does it allow you to enter each
digit individually, like it does when entering the ID number of the
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